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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Refuse Truck as Art

Our via Tuscolana neighborhood is served by mobile refuse workers who operate from small trucks that carry their buckets and brooms.  These refuse trucks have also become the favorites of graffiti artists, who have applied their paints in a playful way, adding a nice touch to the streetscape.  The shot below was taken on via Tuscolana. 


Municipal Vehicles said...

I guess for me a plain white color will do more nicely than having a printed art so that you can see more simplicity.Although it is your freedom to be creative for me it is just a suggestion.

Odessa Coldiron said...

As a lover of street art and trucks, I shall say that I definitely like these art trucks. Hehe! Well, I wish those graffiti artists didn’t include the window glass for safety reasons. Anyway, putting some colors into these refuse trucks certainly has made them head-turners. :]