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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delivering the Meat

Meat gets delivered everywhere, but perhaps not so obviously in US cities as in Rome.  Indeed, we can't remember ever seeing a meat truck transporting carcasses in the United States.  They surely exist, but they must do their thing in the back of supermarkets, far from the eyes of squeamish shoppers, who would rather not know they're eating animals. 

We had these and other thoughts when we came upon a meat delivery, this one in front of a butcher shop on Via Gregoriana XIII, in a vibrant neighborhood known as Boccea (after Via di Boccea), to the northeast of Rome's center--behind Monte Mario and beyond, even, Parco del Pineto.

The delivery guys wore long burgundy coats (all the better to hide the bloodstains) with hoods, the latter to shield them from the cold and clammy meats that inevitably press against their heads.


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