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Friday, November 18, 2011

New York City meets Rome palazzo - contemporary art in Rome

It's over, but we couldn't resist showing it.  And perhaps if you've read this far, our "warning, explicit material" is too late.

The pix we show are from one part of a 3-artist show earlier this Fall in Rome - Three Amigos, New York artists whose work occupied (oops, there goes that word again) very different venues.  Dan Colen, here, was in Palazzo Rospigliosi, on the Quirinale hill.  Colen's work, Trash, also was in the very tony - but accessible - Rome Gagosian gallery

The explanation for the installation in Palazzo Rospigliosi is that Colen wanted to put his word works next to the "rape scenes," as he describes them, on the ceilings of the elaborately painted palazzo.  Hm, not sure that's how we'd describe the palazzo paintings.  See this description of the palazzo and its art work

In any event, we think Dan's artistry worked.  Let the images speak for themselves, for they surely do speak.


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