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Monday, April 13, 2009

Singer Songwriters in Rome

Nightlife... well, evening life, anyway (we don't do the 3 a.m. stuff these days), in Rome is still going strong. On returning this year, we were happy to find Charity Cafe', Alexanderplatz, Parco della Musica, Casa del Jazz - all doing their jazz thing.

The tradition of the singer-songwriter (il cantautore - male; la cantautrice - female) is still strong in Italy. We saw/heard "Cavalierequilibrista" with Valerio Vigliar the singer/songwriter, at Alexanderplatz Saturday night. We went to hear the guitarist in the group. Marco Bonini, who still knocks our socks off... the singing and songwriting (in English and Italian, including a Tom Waits song) was excellent.

Sunday night we saw/heard Canadian singer/songwriter Farrell Spence at Ombre Rosse in Trastevere (photo left) - great voice, lyrics, lovely accompanying Neapolitan guitarist (not to mention an excellent free appetizer bar to accompany skimpy drinks - worth it).

Keep it up, Roma!

Dianne - a PS - we tried yet another San Lorenzo club that thinks it can do jazz in that quarter... (with the name, holy cow - Blow Club)... San Lorenzo clubs should do what they do well.... their "jazz" is a couple of guys playing to and for and with their friends.

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