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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Purple Rain - in Rome

After our morning coffee, we crossed the Circ. Gianicolense, temporarily abandoning our proletarian neighborhood for the upscale allure of via Eduardo Jenner (he dicovered the smallpox inoculation), which curves downhill from Piazza San Giovanni di Dio in a splendid spectacle of consumer delights--the best collection of shops I've seen since our year in Marconi, four years ago. My plan is to keep the woman off this street.

As different as via Jenner is from our humble digs around Piazza Madonna della Salette, the two sides of the Gianicolense are dressing the ladies, and other objects, in this spring's favorite color. It's purple (or violet, or lavender) and it colors everything: skirts in the market, towels, underwear, the boxes for Hoover vacuum bags.

We've been observing Rome color trends for some time; a few years ago the stores were full of browns and yellows (and in May, no less). But we've never seen anything like this purple mania. What does it mean? She thinks the new color scheme is sensual and even playful, though not in a "pink," little girl way; he thinks it's dark and brooding--think of the femme fatale of 1940s film noit-- reflecting "la crisi." Other views welcome.


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