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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rome connections... Katie Parla

A shout out to Katie Parla....
We connected yesterday with a fabulous young American who has made Rome her home for the past 6 years. Katie Parla (fortunately named) shares some of our sensibilities about getting off the beaten track. Take a look at her website - - for lots of great tips (on food for sure), accurate information about Rome, and also tours of Rome and other parts of Italy.

We connected especially with her information on Kosher Rome (it fits, IMHO, with our chapter in Rome the Second Time on the Nazis in Rome - we have a sidebar on Jews in Rome. There's so much about Jewish Rome that is unknown to the tourist who stays only on the beaten path). More on Katie and connectivity in the future, we're certain.

Here's Katie climbing out of a bone crypt in Palermo... now who wouldn't want to try that?

1 comment:

Katie Parla said...

It was great to connect to you as well. I absolutely adore the book. Complimenti! Katie