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Friday, April 17, 2009

Rome's sights & sounds

Rome is so full of sights, sounds, & smells, one hardly knows where to start... or stop. So here we offer you some favorites of the last couple days.

From our local market (Piazza San Giovanni di Dio - one of Rome's better ones): a clip of the crowd one morning, part of one aisle

+ a clip of artichoke trimming... yay! it's artichoke season & for a little extra, you can buy them trimmed, & finally a pic of meat coming into the market.

Easter Sunday mass at the church across the street, built in the 1960s, creation of a new parish in Moneverde, to serve Rome's sprawling population (Madonna de la Salette).

Next - the Romans go to the mountains on the Monday after Easter, Pasquetta (little Easter), a warmly celebrated holiday... 1 soccer ball & 10 bags of groceries while the 2 of us spent 3 hours precariously hiking (no trail) above an old quarry to get to their parking lot... we went to the top (Monte Morra, about 4,000'); the Romans, happy as clams, wouldn't think of it.

Tuesday we scootered out to via Appia Antica to drop off a copy of Rome the Second Time for Eugenio Sgaravatti, an artist who invites all of Rome to his Spring party (p. 182)... in the process, lost my cellphone & went into panic mode... incredibly, it was found and returned to me within the hour - what are those odds? - by Fredrika, in the photo here with her tiny daughter Frida (as in Kahlo, Fredrika told us) and Jonathan.

And we close this post with a not-to-be-missed video of Luca (age 9) and Irene (6), our dear friends Massimo & Chiara's gorgeous children, in their outfits bought last week during their Easter holiday in Spain. Dianne

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