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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Popemania in Rome

Pope Francis, who has been Pope for over a year now, is a crowd-pleaser.  He has shown up in graffiti around Rome in various guises, including as superman.
We liked this one, in the Spagna Metro, showing him with a thumb's up. By graffiti artist C215, who works only with stencils, this artwork was one of 14 put up by 6 well-known artists in two nights work in May, and authorized by the Metro service (ATAC).

If you're looking for this picture, it's just as you go into the (very long) station entrance, near a rare info booth.  I had to ask some people in line there to move aside a bit to get the photo.

Another indication of the Pope's popularity are the pilgrims in Rome.  One of our Roman friend's mothers complains about this "Popemania," that brings in millions of people who don't spend money in the city--as the mother tells the story.

Pilgrims at the Vatican

The sight of dozens of people wearing the same t-shirts that have a religious slogan on them is now common around the Vatican.  There's no doubt the Vatican is more crowded than ever.  How much is due to Pope Francis, we're not sure.  But he's definitely beloved, in contrast to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.


Nun photographing Francis as Superman

Tourists lining up for the Vatican museums

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