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Monday, September 1, 2014

MACRO's playground

Okay, we whine about MACRO and this city contemporary art gallery always seems about to fold, treats patrons shabbily, and costs too much.  But then it entrances us.  The latest artwork in the central part of the main MACRO (on via Nizza, not far from via Nomentana in one direction, and Piazza Fiume in another - a few blocks from the city walls) is a huge textile work.  The artist, Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, was born in Japan and lives in Nova Scotia.  She is known for her large-scale textiles that work as children's playgrounds, and this certainly is one of them.  Titled "Harmonic Motion" in English and "Rete dei draghi" - or "Dragons' net" in Italian, it's both harmonious and a little scary in the way it envelopes and "captures" you.
Those dark slacks in the center?  me trying to get up and in; the kids
definitely were better at this.

We saw children enjoying themselves climbing in and around the sculpture and, so, I had to try it myself.  A bit claustrophobic and not too easy for an adult, but a kick nonetheless.  And, it appears it's free.  You can go into this part of the museum without needing a ticket.  The sculpture will be up until the end of this year.  So go for it!

via Nizza 138, open 11-7 Tuesday through Sunday, except major holidays, and who knows what kind of government shut-downs.  Fairly bad Web site, appears to be only in Italian, "Menu" - at the bottom, print tiny.  But give it a try.

Made it - that's my face through all that fibre.

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