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Friday, September 12, 2014

Shopping in Rome: Eyeglasses this time

For non-shoppers, we do get around.  And we must admit to being entranced by "Rosaria's," as the eyeglass store we're touting here is known among friends in Rome.

The personable - and knowledgeable - Rosaria
in her shop [and love those glasses].
Rosaria is Rosaria Riccioli, and her small, beautifully-stocked store in the center of Rome is Mondelliani. 

We were admiring the glasses of a friend, and she told us where she annually gets a new pair, and it turns out, so does everyone else we know.  And friends visiting friends stop by Rosaria's shop for new glasses.  As Rosaria's slogan says: "Personalita' in vista" - "personality in sight."

"Something more than an eyeglass store."
At the shop, your prescription can be "read" off your current glasses, and you can get a new pair in a couple days.  From what we can tell, the prices are competitive with U.S. prices, and the selection fantastic.  Ah, yes, English spoken by all the employees.

Mondelliani is just off Piazza Colonna, which is next to via del Corso, smack dab in the center.  And the shop is open "non-stop" - almost -  10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.  Closed on Monday.  Via dei Bergamaschi, 49. tel. info@ The bi-lingual Web site is fun too.

The sign across the shop window in the Web site photo says "Something more than an eyeglass store." So it is.


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