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Thursday, September 8, 2011

On Via Tuscolana

We're happily ensconced in new digs off via Tuscolana, one of 7 Roman Consular roads leading out of the city (this one goes east and south to the ancient city of Tuscolo [hence the name] in the Alban Hills).  Via Tuscolana begins about a mile from here, near the roundabout Re di Roma, goes under the train tracks and by the Tuscolana station--close enough to our apartment so that we could (and did) walk from there, with all our bags.  Dianne was exhilarated by the effort, and I write that without irony. 

Once settled in, we headed for one of the many (rather ordinary) bars on via Tuscolana, ordered a large ("grande") bottle of beer, two glasses ("due bicchieri") and something to nibble ("stuzzuchini"--in this case, potato chips), took it all outside to a table in the shade and watched the Roman world go by--or, should I say, the rather scruffy, middle-class Roman world of busy via Tuscolana (at via Amelia), still on holiday. 

We hadn't been there five minutes when a dumpster-diver came along, looking for whatever (see pic at right--you'll have to lean forward; the guy kinda blends in).

More photogenic was the young woman who picked our corner to perform her ice cream cone.  Ah, Roma.

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The Tusc is a fine place to be - youll find it full of surprises!