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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion's Night Out: Photos from Rome

Nudo in Vetrina (nude in store window), as Eve at Gattinoni on Via Sistina.  Object of the Gaze.

Our new friend Giorgio, the London School of Economics grad and tv newsman who's behind the new website Buzz in Rome, certainly had the right idea when we asked him if he would be attending Fashion's Night Out (Notte della Moda):  "I don't like to shop."  We don't either, but we couldn't resist poking around in what promised to be a huge outdoor event on a warm, late summer evening--450 shops in and around the already glitzy Spanish Steps area--especially, Bill notes, when one of the attractions was "nudo in vetrina" (nude in a shop window).  We took some photos, and here they are, complete with captions.  Bill

The event was produced by Vogue, which
had done something similar in Milan recently--but never Rome.
The lady in red just happened to walk by.

Selling cars near the Spanish Steps.

Broadcasting near Piazza San Silvestro.

An advertising slogan for Lancia's Ypsilon auto moves across the building.

The woman in the store window was mixing chemicals.
Why, we don't know.  Woman in red, surrounded by her partner and 3 saleswomen
 who no doubt were telling her how great she looked, was close to
actually buying the coat (probably several thousand Euro).

The only food and drink we found.  The Asian
guy at top was pouring small glasses of wine from
pitchers, and there were small bowls of nuts, overly
policed by a tall woman. 

I thought I was lucky to catch this couple in their
embrace.  But the embrace lasted for several minutes.

Camper, which sells high ends shoes, had a DJ.

Free event T-shirts?  Sorry.  E25 (about $40)
Dressed for the occasion.

View from the Spanish Steps, looking down Via Condotti. 
What would Keats - who died overlooking these steps - have thought?

The wrong place to be driving a car, or even a scooter. 
Lots of frustrated motorists. 

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