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Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorite Toilets Series: Trajan's Market

William Klein photo
One of the best ways to create excitement is to have a "series"--here, our Favorite Toilets Series--even if you don't have one.  But if we don't have a series, we do have a starter entry.  It's located in Trajan's Market, on the back (southeast) side, and to get  access you'll have to pay the regular fee for admission to the market.  So no matter how much you fancy toilets, we recommend you hold off seeing this one until you've got a reason to be there--say, an exhibition (we were there for the William Klein photo show--left), or just to see a really old market. 

The entrance to the men's toilet is in the photo at right; the men's facility is left, and the women's (if I recall) is right.  Watch the first step after you enter; it's a doozy, and you can easily end up admiring the restroom from floor level.  

Once inside you'll know why we like these toilets: for the magnificent contrast between the ancient structure and high modern Italian design, between the rough brick surfaces of a once-functioning market and the gleaming, stainless steel fixtures of a bathroom for tourists. 

Mosaic tile walls, nifty fluorescent look.  You just want to spend some time in here.
Apparently the architect decided that tourists don't use or need a toilet seat, but in Italy that's not exactly man bites dog. 



Roseann said...

The most hidden one I found-with the help of my guide-- is the one tucked away under some bushes at the Roman Forum.

The next best thing our guide told us is to hold the coat and bags of the person in front of each one of us. Then the person in the single stall didn't have to put stuff on the floor and take the time to take a coat, etc. off to get down to business. It certainly saves a boatload of time standing in that line.

Some of the best and most beautiful things I've found underground in some of the oldest places in Italy are the lighting instruments and bannister combos --The Italian design mind and execution are oftentimes magnificent.

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