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Monday, October 18, 2010

Granita Bar, San Paolo

We loved the look of this stand-alone granita bar in San Paolo, just around the corner from the San Paolo Metro, on via Ostiense.  Freshly painted in those warm, AS Roma colors.  Although the bar specializes in granita (also called Sicilian granita), a dessert/drink that combines water, sugar, and flavorings, Dianne wanted fresh-squeezed orange juice (spremuta), so we went in.  Sheltered Bill had never seen the machine that produced the OJ: no peeling and no cutting necessary--just pop the whole orange in the top and out comes the juice.  Spectacular. 2 Euro ($2.65) for a big glass (enough to share, says Dianne).    Bill


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Dianne Bennett and William Graebner said...

Hi Santhiya and viji,
Looks like you're more interested in selling a granita machine than in exploring our site, but welcome anyway! I clicked on your link and discovered that a granita machine--a used one I think--costs about $5,000! Who woulda thunk it!
Best of luck in your ventures. Oh, and if you do want to subscribe via email, just enter your email at the right of this post and click the subscribe button. I'll be watching! Bill