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Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Moretti beer glasses on the wall

We like brand designs on glasses… all the better when it’s an Italian brand and a beer glass. That was combined in a recent promotion for the AS Roma soccer team and Moretti beer.

We happily put the 3-pack of glasses in our grocery cart and proceeded to the check-out. But, there was no price, no bar code… and the cashier was stumped. Then she learned that the glasses were free – if you bought 3 bottles of the largest size Moretti beer. Well, even that went beyond our drinking habits at the time. So we glumly told her to put the glasses back.

As we started to bag our groceries (one does it oneself in Rome’s grocery stores), she offered us the glasses… which were obtained for us because the man behind us in line had bought the 3 large bottles of Moretti. Oh, no! we said – you shouldn’t do that… but, the cashier said – he’s my husband and wants to do it for you. So we’re now the proud owners of 3 Moretti AS Roma beer glasses, and we have this wonderful story to tell of Roman thoughtfulness.

PS - This story has another aspect too. We were in the grocery store with friends visiting from NYC. They wanted the glasses too… at least SHE did. He definitely did not. He kept telling her she couldn’t get them in her suitcase – with all the other stuff – to get home. We ended up with only one set of glasses, and try as we did to get them to take them, they left them with us.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I can buy those glasses?

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I can buy those glasses?

Dianne Bennett and William Graebner said...

Probably not. It's unlikely that the grocery store deal is still going on. Will keep our eyes open and let you know if the glasses turn up somewhere.