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Thursday, March 30, 2017

You Can't Sit Down! Places to Sit--and Not to Sit--in Rome

Neighborhood bench seating in Piazza Tuscolo, in the quartiere of San Giovanni

Fountain seating, Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore
Fortunately for the exhausted tourist--and the city's residents--Rome has plenty of places to sit down: benches in parks and piazzas, the stairs of any of Rome's thousand or so churches, the edges of the city's many fountains, and the Spanish Steps (a large group seating experience) just for starters.  

But there are some places where you can't sit down--or wouldn't want to--likely because someone doesn't want you to.  Here are a few examples.  

Via Arenula

The sharp points on this door may be
decorative in purpose--or maybe not.

The Lungotevere.  The stairs ahead are an option, but not the window sill.

Store on the periphery
A doorway.  The left side opens--but the balls are there to prevent
anyone from sitting on the other side. 
At Santa Maria Maggiore, the stairs are available, but not that
otherwise inviting piece of iron.
This ledge on the Lungotevere would be uncomfortable.

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