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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trastevere: Home of the Pasteup

A series
Trastevere is Rome's most touristy neighborhood--not something that attracts us, usually--but it does have its charms.  It's lovely at 6.a.m., when the streets are virtually empty.  It has two cozy English-language independent bookstores.  And it's the Roman home of the pasteup, a form of street art--essentially thin paper constructions, attached to walls with some sort of adhesive--and one that's often whimsical.  Here are some of our favorites.  We're curious to know if they will still be there when we return in a few weeks.

A version of "The Scream"
Not so whimsical
Nice. Enigmatic.
New Agey "Plant for Life"
One of several pasteups of Pasolini, carrying his
own body, that were posted in 2015 in Rome
and environs.  This one, in Trastevere,
has been seriously messed up.  
Shoes with skateboarder motif.  An ad?  By K2?
By the same person who did "The Scream"
"I can't stop giving a damn"?  
Another K2?  Looks like a skateboarder with a strong woman in front.  

Mimi is one of the most active of the paste-up artists working in
Trastevere.  She presents public figures with clown noses.

Warhol and somebody.  By Mimi.

And one more.  

Skateboarding is a popular subject.  This one no longer
exists, and while it was "across the river" (Trastevere), it wasn't
in the Trastevere that most tourists know.
We did enjoy a coffee in the traffic circle just to the right of this photo.

K2 again.  Compare with skateboarder with woman in front, about 6 above.  

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