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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is it Art?

Our subject line--Is it Art?--is a question I've posed to Dianne many times as we walked the streets of Rome and taken in its walls, invariably covered with graffiti: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Dianne's answer is almost always "no". 

The problem was never clearer than one Friday last month (August 23) when I opened the Calendar section of the LA Times to find the above picture, which the newspaper was using to announce a new exhibit at one of LA's best private modern art galleries, Santa Monica's Bergamot Station.  The artist is Joshua Podoll, and the title is "Poetry of Dissonance." 

Dissonance is what Dianne and I had when I showed her the picture and asked her the now familiar question.  Again, "no" was Dianne's response, and I was prepared for it.  Just months ago in Rome, we'd come across the following piece of "found art" (that's what I call it).  Is it Art?  Or is it Bad Graffiti?  Guess what Dianne said.   Bill

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ps. Good to see you in the NYTimes comment section the other day - I was surprised no one mentioned Museo Barracco.