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Friday, August 19, 2011

The White Vans of Rome

Rome is well known for its scooters.  But there's another vehicle that deserves attention.  One of our Roman friends--which one we can't recall--drew our attention to the unmarked, white vans that seem to be everywhere on the streets of the city.  They're long and bulky and surely a parking nightmare; not the natural choice for a commuter or a small family, and the working-class guys who in the states feel tough in their trucks would in Rome probably prefer the masculinity of a motorcycle or even a substantial scooter.  So the vans they're likely to be commercial vehicles, but without the markings that would identify and publicize the business.  And they're all over the place.   Bill

We shot this for the Scuola Elementare, a nice example of Fascist public architecture.  The white van was a bonus.

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