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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RST Top 40. #2: Park of the Aqueducts

Whenever anyone asks, what can we do in Rome if it’s really our first time, but we want to do one thing beyond the standard attractions. And, our answer usually is, if you have the time – say, half a day--go to Parco degli Acquedotti (“Park of the Aqueducts”).

From the first time we went there (taken by our friend Massimo and his children), we have been entranced. And we never tire of going back. It could be getting away from the crowds, it could be simply the stupendous size of these marvels of Roman engineering – still standing 2,000 years later, and many still in use. It could be just the pleasure of being in a large park with a bunch of, well, yes, fun-loving Italians.

Holes at top were where water flowed...sometimes
multiple ducts of water flowing on top of each other

And, to quote Goethe:  "I also saw the ruins of a great aqueduct. What a noble ambition it showed, to raise such a tremendous construction for the sake of supplying water to a people." 

So, yes, Parco degli Acquedotti comes in at #2 on our Rome the Second Time Top 40 list. It’s the first itinerary in our book, and easy to get to on Metro A.

Photographers, flora lovers, history buffs, loungers, eaters, drinkers… live it up.
"Woodrow Wilson sent a bouquet of poppies."  


Unknown said...

Hello there,
I am a citizen of Rome who lives in Canada now. I really like your blog.

You should add a google translator tool on your blog, and allow italians to read it too. It really works.


Dianne Bennett and William Graebner said...

Grazie, Gabriele - buon idea, and we just did it - check out the top right. Dianne

Anonymous said...

There is an exhibit on right now at Cinecittà Due art space (inside the mall) that you might be interested in: Acquedotti romani

Parco degli acquedotti you may also recognize, albeit minus most of its now comforting trees, in films such as Pasolini's "Mamma Roma"