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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Things I Miss in Rome: 6th in a Series

 Things I Miss in Rome....

1.  Weird structures in the countryside. 

2.   Dianne getting a Lemoncocco

3.   Spectacular Balconies 

4.   Piano Day

5.   The Cult of Pasolini 

1 comment:

Thomas Gentry said...

Writing of things one misses, I was in Libya/Abisinnia 1962 thru 1965 and would visit Leptis Magna Sabratha and downtown Tripoli.I recall that at the port in Tripoli there was a huge statue of Romulus and Remus. In the international swapping of looted artifacts, do you folks have any information as the current location of that statue? BTW, IMHO, Khadaffi had no role in the destruction of the Marble(sandstone) Arch housing the bronze statue of the Felini
twins. More likely US Special Ops "contractors" operating from helicopters.I passed under the monument many times as a member of the US Mapping mission.