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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

RST Turns 10 and Reaches 800 - Years and Posts on Rome

                                                                    Our 800th!

Here at RST we can't hide our pride in our longevity (we've been writing on Rome for more than a decade!) and in the volume of our work product (800 posts, each requiring from 4 to 8 hours of labor, and some much more, not counting "experiencing" whatever it is we're writing about).

To commemorate #800, we're offering a list of some of our popular posts (though not necessarily the most popular), one for each decade of the site's existence.  In developing the list, we tried for balance, for a batch of posts that more or less represent the content we offer (got to have something on Fascism, on graffiti, on the scooter we ride daily, on hiking, on religion, on a neighborhood seldom visited, on something quirky, and so on).  Below is our list, starting more than 10 years ago, and a link to each post - should you want to engage in a bit of nostalgia. Here we go:

2009  Europe's Largest Mosque -- in Rome  (4th most popular all time)

2010  Centocelle: Rome's New Rochelle

2011  Renting a Scooter in Rome  (most popular all time, over  20,000 hits)

2012  Fascism and the Reconstruction of Rome (with a heavy nod to Paul Baxa's book)

2013  Tracking Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's stormy love affair in Rome

2014  The 6-legged Dog: the story of Eni's famous logo (6th all time)

2015  Richard Meier's Suburban Jubilee Church (2nd all time)

2016  Hiking near Rome: Tivoli, Train to Trail

2017  Anna Magnani, Rome Icon

2018  "Love Nests"/Exploitation in the Woods: Rome Prostitution (7th all time)

2019  Cy Twombly in Rome

Bill and Dianne

Coming soon: revised TOP 40 list

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