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Thursday, January 5, 2017

All Saints All the Time - Shopping in the Vatican Stores.

Enter here

There's something about the multiplicity in the shops across from St. Peter's that appeals to me.  I love the saints in some odd alphabetical order, above, with their traditional icons at hand.  Cristina, Chiara, Cecilia next to each other, then Benedetta and Catarina, followed by Agnese and Agata. Okay, not normal alphabetical order, but some kind of order.  The photos below provide some additional buon vistas (good viewing).  Dianne
Some prefer medallions.  These also are in alphabetical order, in bins.. 

Of course, Padre Pio always gets his own showing.

And then there are the general Roma souvenirs, even in the Vatican stores
An overall view of the store - in the Galleria S. Pietro, across from Bernini's colonnade. 

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