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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Fishing Jacket: Roman Fashion Statement

Except for the occasional line in the Tevere, there's no fishing in Rome.  But that isn't to say that Romans don't look the part.  Among ordinary, at-leisure, middle-aged and older Roman men, the garment of choice is none other than the fishing jacket.  Sleeveless, beige, or yellow, pockets everywhere for lead shot, line, lures, pliers--or just keys, cigarettes, and spare change--the fishing jacket has been in style for male casual wear for at least a decade.

wives love those fishin' jackets

Fishing jackets can be purchased in small clothing stores, department stores, outdoor markets--anywhere elegant clothing is sold.  They make excellent "authentic" (as in, "the Italians really wear these"!) gifts.  We bought one for our fashion-conscious LA son.  It was on ebay a day later.


goin' fishin'

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