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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Street Benches: Monteverde

Public housing projects exist in almost every neighborhood beyond the historic center, thereby creating mixed communities of rich and poor, upper-middle class and lower-middle class.  The projects in Monteverde (Vecchio, but especially Nuovo) date to late in the Fascist era, and they come with one feature we've not encountered elsewhere: "permanent" sidewalk benches fashioned of concrete and brick.  Configurations differ.  One set, on via Ozanam as it approaches
via di Donna Olimpia, features separate tables--probably intended as benches.  Although the street slopes quite acutely coming down the hill from Piazza San Giovanni di Dio, the stone tables been leveled with bases that reverse the sidewalk grade.  Note that  the merchants whose shops are on this street have converted the benches into tables by supplying their own chairs--and some of their own tables. 

Via di Donna Olimpia, which separates Monteverde Vecchio from Monteverde Nuovo, also has permanent places designed for sidewalk sociability.  This one faces away from the street.

And viale dei Quattro Venti has more complex seating arrangements than a linear bench provides, designed so that users may face different directions but can, if they like, sit in the same "area."   Bill

The garbage and trash cans offer a nice touch
Life amid scooters

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