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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Extra Large": Big, Bold and Fun Exhibition at MACRO Testaccio

Big Bambu' by Mike and Doug Starn

Good views all around. Dianne, but not Bill, got to the top.
MACRO Testaccio is currently host to "Extra Large," an exhibit featuring big-sized installations and sculptures from Italian collections.  Though not part of the exhibit, a domineering outdoor sculpture by two Americans is extra large as well.  We think this is a very good exhibit, and (which we like) lots of fun:  bring the kids. 

The outdoor sculpture, Big Bambu', is up through this December.  But the basic exhibit, in two of MACRO Testaccio's large pavilions, comes down after May 11.

Signing one's rights away.
Hmm, is this decoration, or will
these really hold this thing together?
First to Big Bambu':  perhaps only in Italy can one climb all over this kind of a structure, and bring along the children!  The only prohibitions - if you are disabled in some way (need canes or other walking aides); and, if you are under 12, you need a parent or guardian along.  Amazing.  We did have to sign a bunch of forms, releasing MACRO from everything happening in the world today, but that was it.  And, it is supposed to be open until late in the evening (as is MACRO Testaccio generally), and lit, but because the lighting system is broken, you can't climb around it after about 6 p.m.  Since MACRO Testaccio doesn't open until 4 p.m., that's a small window of opportunity.

Refrigerator box, helpful employee (someone has to open
the door from the outside!)

"Extra Large" is interesting too, although, frankly, we didn't "get" all the art that's presented - not that that is anything new.  Some of it seems straightforward, and some quite interesting.  A few pieces are somewhat interactive:  You can go into this refrigerated (yes, not just fake) box and sit there staring at levers that say - Danger!  And you can pose with the (former) Pope and other questionable heads of state.

Who doesn't belong in the picture?

Unlike its mother institution, MACRO on via Nizza, MACRO Testaccio's employees are friendly, helpful, and seem to genuinely want to help you enjoy the exhibits.  So go for it!


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