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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trailer Living, Rome

We took this photo at quite a distance because we would have been embarrassed to be noticed.  The subject was the trailer with the blue tarp cover, and the people near it, in the middle of the photo.  The trailer was parked at the side of the viaduct (via P. Colonna) that connects the Marconi quartiere with Monteverde Vecchio to the northwest.

  To compensate for the distance, we've blown it up some here.  The billboard at left advertises Malta as a  vacation destination.  The wall graffiti reads "Noi Oltre," a reference to a right-wing group.

    And here we've blown it up some more.  We see a woman (left) and a man (seated), and a vehicle that doesn't look like it's ready to go anywhere.  The trailer appears to be their home, at least temporarily.  There are thousands of people in Rome who live in inadequate quarters.  But they're usually in discrete camps on the outskirts.  The   trailer--and especially its location, in a busy urban area not far from the Centro--is an unusual accomodation.     Bill

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