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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grandissimo Stronzo: [Bad] Parking in Rome

RST found this note on the windshield of a car in the quartiere of Trieste.  The owner had pulled the car up onto the narrow sidewalk, tight against a building, blocking pedestrians from getting through and forcing everyone to walk into a busy street to get past.  Parking on the sidewalk is the custom in many places in Rome, and no one pays much attention, but this perpetrator had gone too far--even we thought so.  Our pique was shared by the author of this note.  Roughly translated, it reads: "You s.o.b./ Where can people get through?  You moron.   Bill


Dianne Bennett and William Graebner said...

I must admit to having had some trouble with the translation, so I welcome the help. Your version makes better sense. The problem was that missing question mark.

Dianne Bennett and William Graebner said...

Translation changed. Sorry if that makes it difficult (now) to appreciate the comment by anonymous.

Roseann said...

My Neopolitian backgroud tells me that strong/a means something like 'piece of shit'. Does that ring a bell?