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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashion Extra! Color of the Moment is...ORANGE

We would never claim that the arbiters of fashion in Milan, Paris, and New York look to provincial, bureaucratic Rome for hints of what's to come.  Indeed, we assume that Rome is a follower in the fashion world.  Whatever its role, and for what it's worth, we offer this insight, based on many hours of walking the city's streets, in neighborhoods as different as Garbatella and Trieste: this year's color is ORANGE. 
It's everywhere, and on everything.
That yellow shirt is the exception that proves the
rule; you may also recognize it from the post
on misspellings on shirts
We have no good explanation for this phenomenon.  The color is hardly universally flattering.   We also associate it with fall, and the weather here is the hottest it's been in (so we read) 231 years.  That's not a typo. 
Another association, pulled from some random braincell, is with the late 1950s--orange and Scandinavian furniture.  So go figure. 
Window display in a town in Italy's northeast

Oh, Dianne, you are so out of fashion!
And buy something orange. 


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