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Sunday, February 5, 2012

MACRO: the Toilets

We were having a rather ordinary glass of white wine in the new and extra-ordinary bar in the striking new addition to MACRO, Rome's municipal gallery of modern art. 

Touring the men's room at MACRO
A group of "suits" walked in, well-dressed visitors, anyway, with briefcases and the like.  There to inspect, or to learn.  Important people, obviously, on a mission.  They were touring the gallery, we surmised, for the first time.  The bar was nice, and they looked around, approvingly, before focusing their attention on THE TOILETS, poking their heads in, and poking around, the men's room (right).  In all earnestness, of course.

And why not?  MACRO's bathrooms are high tech if not high art--or high narcissism.  All radiant color (e.g. red when the hand-dryer goes on) and mirrors and high-modern design, with the gleaming wash-basins--nearly dysfunctional in their shallowness, but cool--in the middle of each room. 

Only the shiny stainless steel "trough" in the men's room, reminiscent of the head at Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills football team, seemed out of character. 

We liked the signs for "Men" and "Women," too. 

So have a large Coke, check out MACRO, and head straight for the toilets.  

PS from Dianne - we've taken delight in MACRO at other times; for example when the new wing opened.  And we promise a more thorough post on just MACRO in the future - and presentation of some arguments as to which is the better modern art gallery - MACRO or MAXXI (the latter, by Zaha Hadid, gets much more press).


Adalberto Tiburzi said...

Yes, right depiction (I live in Rome, very close to the MACRO).

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