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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Metro Hazards!

We assume it's necessary to warn riders on Rome's Metro, the subway system, of the possible dangers of the activity.  But the ad agency hired for the task may have overdone things a bit; in any event, on this day we were amused.

From upper left, clockwise: Don't try to prevent the door from closing; Don't lean against the door; Watch for the space between the train and the platform.  And--our favorite--Don't get on or off when the door is closing, because, well....



1 comment:

Judith Works said...

Well, I didn't mind the gap one morning on the way to work and fell in. First one foot then the other. Fellow commuters dragged me out before the train started.

Needed a second shot of espresso that morning before getting on I guess.

Stupid, stupid