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Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the flower lovers among you

This post is for the flower lovers among us. We waded through fields of wildflowers in Rome’s Decima-Malafede Reserve, just south of Rome (and of us).

Instead of pouring through our wildflower books, we offer these photos for you to identify. We know the scotch broom (for those, like me, who are highly allergic to it), daisies and poppies.

But we don’t know much more. Like the narrator in Antsie Baird’s poem, “The Rose and the Common Flower”, we’re pretty ignorant on this turf.

We include Dianne’s hand (sorry about the thumb splint) to give a sense of flower size and some leaves for clues. We do more on our day with the Romans on their day off (June 2) in Decima-Malafede in another post.

In addition to the wildflower "group photo" at the top, there are 12 other photos with flowers to i.d.; we don't think there are duplicates.

Meanwhile, over to Liz L, Mary Lee S, Judy D, Alison F… and others, we’re sure.


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