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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Viterbo Lobby: Fashion Statement

It's been several years since we scootered from Rome up to Viterbo, to see the sights. We stopped at a tourist office and asked about hotels, and a young woman enthusiastically directed us to Hotel Leon D'Oro on via della Cava.
We found ourselves in the front of the hotel, with "a room with a view"--unfortunately, of a major construction project across the street (photo above right, taken from the room).

Our disapppointment was mitigated somewhat when the saw the lobby, which had a style, well, all its own. Soviet chic meets Victorian excess?
Fabrics gone wild?

We are reminded of our willful 8-year old, who we let dress himself, and who regularly showed up for breakfast with checkered pants and striped shirt (it was the '70s).


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