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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alone (almost) at the Trevi Fountain

We're always stimulated by Jessica Stewart's photos on, and recently one of them, of the crush of tourists at the Trevi Fountain (left), caught our attention. So did the caption, in which Jessica announced that the Rome place she hated most (except for the Spanish Steps), was the Trevi.

Crowds can be fun--at soccer games, political rallies, and outdoor concerts. But we agree with Jessica that they can spoil one's experience of the Travi's gaudy baroque splendor and reduce the potential for that special romantic moment.

But there is a way to be alone with Anita Ekberg's famous fountain: go there in the middle of the night, like 4 a.m. You'll find one police car in the piazza, full of cops. But otherwise you'll have the Trevi all to yourself, or selves. The downside is you'll have to take your own picture, as we did on an early morning in April, or knock on the window of the police car (we don't recommend it).

So set your alarm, Jessica!



Prague Traveller said...

I love the Trevi Fountain area. I always visit this area every time I am in Rome.
Rome Paul

Jessica said...

Very true about the late night! The only time I truly enjoyed the Trevi was the night Italy won the World Cup and I watched my roommate and his friends slosh through it in their underwear (only w hundreds of others).

Cobalt Violet said...

I guess I hit it at the right time! It was around 8 pm, it was barely sprinkling, everything shiny and wet and there were only a few people there! I feel so lucky after seeing the jam-packed photo!