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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tooting the horn for Rome and...

Rome the Second Time is now on Facebook (thanks to a Rome fan, Michael Calleri). A group of Rome lovers are friends of RST on the newly created group.

Already some good comments there, including someone who likes the Corso Trieste ("Africa") area in northeast Rome, an interesting and little-visited area. Adjacent is the fascinating Coppede' neighborhood - worthy of a photo here (1920s Art Nouveau).

And you'll see editorial reviews of Rome the Second Time on the updated page (along with a new reader're all welcome to add reader reviews!).

RST also recently hit #1 in Kindle Family Travel, #2 in European Tourist Destinations and Museums and #2 in Italy - behind only Rick Steves. All this with a downturn in travel AND books (well, is Kindle a book?). Goes to show, I think, that people are looking for alternative and frugal travel.

End of commercial. Dianne

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